We are Fani (Mom), Lua (Baby) and Mallory (Dad), a small family based in Tarifa. Dad was born on a French island in the Caribbean called Guadeloupe, Mom in Badalona, Barcelona, and I'm the only true Tarifeña. We have been living in Tarifa for 20 years and we would not change this little paradise for anything in the world.

We are Tarifa Cozy House

It all started when Dad invested his savings in four apartments with the idea of turning them into vacation rentals. Over the years we have improved them and learned little by little everything that managing vacation rentals entails. A friend of my parents asked us if we could manage his apartment and that's how we started managing apartments for other owners. Our idea is to grow slowly but surely and carefully select cozy and stylish apartments.

We love this job because we deal with happy people who come with a great desire to enjoy their vacations, and that is contagious. We also love to share the secrets that our town and its surroundings hide, so we can show the best places in town, whether to rest, walk, do sports or even to try the best Andalusian cuisine.

Dad has been kiting, windsurfing, winging and surfing all his life, so if you are interested in learning he can recommend the best schools in Tarifa. And if you already know how to sail or surf, they can tell you which are the best spots depending on the conditions you are going to have during your stay.

We also like trail running, biking, climbing or simply enjoying the beach, and Tarifa offers a lot of amazing sites for that. I will also tell you where there is a super cool playground in case you come with a baby like me. :)

Do not hesitate to ask us anything and we will help you with what we can. We speak French, English, Spanish, Catalan and Portuñol (a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese). Welcome to paradise!